This is not a cost of living crisis, this is a cost of greed crisis – Mhairi Black

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Australia will be left stranded as a lonely Western outpost in Asia

It is maybe understandable that Australian leaders may feel insecure, even paranoid, about Australia’s future in the Asian twenty-first century. As Western power recedes from the world – especially from East Asia – Australia and New Zealand will be left stranded as lonely Western outposts in Asia...

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Snoop Dogg – Blazes up

Roger Dean – the visitors

Topics: Art

Roger Dean the gifted artist who many say was the artistic inspiration to and behind the Avatar films for which we hope to publish more details here soon – find…

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The epic Mark Lanegan

Topics: Music

Mark Lanegan Provided by Beggars Group Digital Ltd. Head · Mark Lanegan Bubblegum Bubblegum is a 2004 rock album by American singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan, released on the Beggars Banquet label…

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Peel your eyes Plato – Save us from these politicians

Aristophanes gave us a great play, Lysistrata. For a view on war perhaps our politicians should be made to watch it.

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Save the Banks!

What shall, what can, what must we do? Once again our most blessed banks are suffering. Come on you poor, bestir yourselves and prop them up. You have done it…

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Inspired by a reminder of Latin homework just found in my old school blazer

Inspired by a reminder of Latin homework just found in my old school blazer I shall attempt to make more use of the subjunctive. Let me see. “Had the voters…

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