Israel-Hamas war - lack of water in Gaza - a health crisis on the brink of explosion

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Australia will be left stranded as a lonely Western outpost in Asia

It is maybe understandable that Australian leaders may feel insecure, even paranoid, about Australia’s future in the Asian twenty-first century. As Western power recedes from the world – especially from East Asia – Australia and New Zealand will be left stranded as lonely Western outposts in Asia...

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Snoop Dogg – Blazes up

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My review of Miko’s book written in 2014 The slight optimism that I felt then has evaporated

The General’s Son, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine By Miko Peled To paraphrase DH Lawrence, though Miko Peled writes of checkpoints and warfare, of wheelchairs and death, of humiliation…

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As a qualified schoolteacher I ought never to use words like ‘thick’. Unprofessional! But then I look at our politicians and so many words like that come to my lips.…

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Israel – Some people actually believed that it was a democracy

THE IDEA OF ISRAEL by Ilan Pappe. THE INVENTION OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL by Shlomo Sand. Both are worth reading in order to help understand what is happening there…

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